My #EatPrayLove holiday experience in NYC has come to an end and I am back to reality: a 1-week countdown until my departure to Spain. It’s exciting but still brings anxiety at the same time!

Just wanted to give you a little update with a quick post on what I’m up to for final preparations. It may all sound pretty basic, but trust me, I'm putting a lot of time and effort to make sure I get everything in and done:)

I’ve been home since Wednesday and so far I have:

Gone to the tailor for my business clothing – a pair of gray slacks tailored for cheap! Taken care of some business with the bank. Reintroduced myself to the gym instead of just the sidewalks and stop lights. Prescription medicines, found out that not only have I had a cold for almost a month but I have a sinus infection. Continued to pack all of my little necessities. Studying Spanish! Adequate research on traveling abroad/in Spain. Starting to say goodbyes. X-rays (after not having any substantial care after 12 years) on my back.

To look forward to:

Reunions and goodbyes with friends! X-Ray results. Eye appointment. Dental appointment. Hair appointment. Packing everything into suitcases! Making a travel budget. Making necessary arrangements for travel. Studying Spanish and more research!

New year’s resolutions?

Be more patient with my family (soon to be families!) and myself as well, because living in a foreign language will be a challenging task. Be more proactive (life after graduation?) = stay busy and productive, and take advantage of every opportunity! Do my best to help strengthen family ties (since we're all so spread out!). 

All three of these lists could continue to grow, but that's all for now!

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