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Mi profe de mi clase de civilizacion y cultura aka one of the 2 male professors that I have out of 6 here at the CLM, got a hair hair..looking sharp!
All of my classes that were rollos before are getting a little bit more exciting, and if not that, at least a little more interesting and bearable ha, very exciting stuff! Of my 8 courses only one I have to turn in assignments for regularly. (I have 5 core classes like what I would have with a typical schedule back in the states.) How the grading scale works is a rating from 1 to 10. Lower than a 5 is not passing. For my Literatura hispanoamericana class I have to write an essay (yes, of course, in Spanish) everyday, and if not every day, every other day. She passes them back one by one; althoug hshe doesnçt read everyone´s grades outloud, the bright red market she uses can be seen at least a span of a few desks to the left and a few desks to the right. Her system also includes arrows to give better insight on where yuor particular essay fell in regards to the rest of the class. For example an 8 with an arrow down, which is the lowest score I hope to get this year. (That was also what I received on my very first assignment here, it is a good mark! And I´ve only gone up from there and hope to maintain this.)

This week I had scheduled a full week of classes which I wasn´t too excited to jump into when the sun was setting on Sunday and the weekend finally came to a close. But we made it, it´s Thursday! After a very relaxing weekend, watching Crazy Stupid Love in my empty house on Friday then went out for a little bit with some friends. Saturday evening was a little more active and we started at the very beloved Botellon with what seemed like thousands of other Granadinos, although the evening lacked significant interaction with Spaniards as I was saying in my last entry. That´s the plan for tonight if we can swing it right!

My class for this evening, which was supposed to be starting right now, got cancelled;) Tonight was also supposed to be our program´s cultural visit to the Cata de Vino! We had a Granada Seminar class (this is just an hour class that I have weekly strictly to enhance my knowledge on the culture of Spain and Granada) devoted solely to the process of making vine, the hitsorical origin, the various different tpyes of wine, and how to identify them. There was a lot of information but after this meeting on Monday with all of my newfound knowledge, I was very excited! Yesterday we received an email from our program director that it was cancelled and not necessarily postponed so unfortunately there´s a possibility that we don´t do it at all. But my mom, Marisa me ha aconsejado un bar con buenos vinos en muchos variades para tratar. That´s one thing that I´m going to save for when my parents are here, and I´m hoping that we can all do it together like one huge family. :)

That´s one thing that I´ve been trying to do in my free time: plan the visits of my sister in less than a week and at the end of April of my parents. It´s exciting but also a lot of other things as well, hehe, because I have to make sure that they see verything that they need to to really experience Granada, in full effect! And it´s equally important that they see the reasons why I love it here so much. Rachelle literally just 20 minutes ago asked to see schedule I had planned for her... I have no intention of disappointing! :) Or sleeping ;) For Rachelle the trip will be a little more difficult because although she´s on spring break, I still have a full week of classes, lucking out with having class on FRIDAY too that week, ugh. But when my parents are here the entire country will be on break celebrating, as will I.

Intercambios to help people with their English language in pursuit and changes to be made soon with my internship.

Un beso,
Nos vemos

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