It goes on??

I’ve been having more ups and downs in my time here but this isn’t the focus of my blog update!  

I've been trying to be a productive as possible; within the past week I've applied for 5 internships and positions this summer. Thankfully I'm on spring break so I have more time on my hands and need to take full advantage of this free time that I never seem to have otherwise.

Some parts of Granada seem like they're quieter than ever; but that's really just a result of all of the people in my program that have already left the city to to travel. The sea of people celebrating Holy Week, or Semana Santa, remind me of Carnaval in Cádiz, and cannot remotely be described as quiet. The street vendors are selling all of the right things to appeal to children and adults alike, toy drums and noisemakers, nuts of all shapes and colors, and baked potatoes. The only, obvious difference are the processions, which consist of religious floats, and heavenly, solemn music, literally inching by. It's a sight to see --one that should not be missed. Hence my reasoning to stay in Granada for the first weekend of my spring break: to relax in my hometown to get things done and enjoy life in addition to getting to celebrate/witness/ and partake in this huge tradition.

To welcome Semana Santa Marisa Madre, mi abuela, made torrijas! A traditional Spanish dessert made and sold specifically during this religious holiday.

Last week on Thursday the major occurrence was the general strike happening all over Spain! Because of it the majority of us students in the CLM had classes cancelled all on Thursday because our professors were going to be participating in the strike. There were so many different reasons why people were doing the strike so the underlying reason for the protests changed depending on who you were discussing them with. After a long, tiring weekend in Madrid it was nice to only have 3 days of classes to lead us right into Spring break!

Last week also was a defining moment for me because I have found my first student for English classes. His name is Alberto and is 22 years old, attending UGR. We’ve had two meetings and will start up again after my spring break trip in Portugal.

This weekend was solely an Anna Marie and I weekend, meaning a lot of Spanish, relaxing, sun, parking it up, working out, exploring/walking, planning our Portugal Paradise, and also new friends. Saturday night we went out with and spent a lot of time with two African soccer players. We have formed an intercambio relationship with our two expertise languages. We hope we get the chance to see them play soon for the Granada club soccer teams that they play for!

Tomorrow, if all goes well, we will be off to the Sierra Nevada for a quick day trip and the purchase of our bus tickets to the capital of Portugal. Unfortunately, I will only be there for one day but I can’t complain; I’ll be in my desired country of choice finally and… it’s STILL SPRING BREAK! We’ve relaxed (and worked hard this week!) I’m ready for some fun and the beach :) Typical spring break desires.

I hope to return back to Madrid this semester.. and I made the promise to myself that I have to return back to Spain/Europe within the next year.. I wonder what that could mean jobwise, and what I will do to make it 

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