It's almost time for champagne, confetti, party favors, and the ball drop! Here I am, coming to you, LIVE and love from New York City:)
This week in NY city I think was the perfect preparation for my adventures to come in Spain. I’ve been staying with my best friend, Erin, at her place in NYC in the outskirts of Manhattan. (She graduated in May from Bradley and has been maneuvering herself around the state of NY since then and has landed herself a job with a marketing/PR firm and a beautiful, cozy little apartment.) So although I’m with someone that clearly knows their way around these parts, and with my sister, Rachelle too, I still feel like I’m “on my own” in this big city, which I feel is preparing me for where I’ll be in just a few short weeks. There are so many things to do and people and places to see that it is a little hectic trying to make sure we get everything in done in the short amount of time that we have here. Cousins on my mom’s side. Cousin’s on my dad’s side. Grandparents.  Aunts. Uncles. And they’re everywhere! And if I'm being honest... love it! This is the only thing I’m missing in my little world in Illinois. My family. And I know I'll be missing it all even more while I'm overseas BUT thankfully I continue to be supported, reassured, commended of/for my decision to pursue this dream of mine.

I planned this trip for me, to see my family. I especially wanted to see my grandparents before I left for months in a different country without easy accessibility to them. This trip so FAR has turned into long days roaming the streets of Manhattan, NYC, and the Bronx followed by longer, almost sleepless/restless, evenings and mornings spending time with Erin and my sister as well as cousins, Uncles, and my aunt. All nothing short of amazing/good fun besides minor set backs of tired eyes, extreme hunger, and a little bit of a cold. After the NYE festivities tonight though it will become the more family oriented trip that I had intended it to be, starting off with a large family dinner and spending the rest of the trip roaming the streets of Queens, Brooklyn, and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Back to the planning aspect, to prove the little point I’m trying to make here, I’ve been trying to take control of the planning coordination as much as possible while we’ve been here. A perfect example of the idea that if you want something you have to go and get it, if you want to see it, go out and make it happen. That’s the mentality I need to have while in Spain. In one day we made it to: Metropolitan Museum of Art. St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Rockefeller Center to see the infamous ice skating rink and larger than life Christmas Tree. and a reunite with Times Square. The following day we took on the Bronx, and had the opportunity to spend hours watching a football game at the new NY Yankee Stadium. Just to name a few.

It's NYE and everyone is scrambling to find the perfect place to be when midnight hits..and the standard heartbreaking question, who will I share a special new year's moment with.. I  schedule this trip to satisfy my #1 priority (again, family) but also killed two birds with one stone, and avoided Illinois scene; there's no where I'd rather be tonight:) The only thing that I would change is to have my parents out here in NY too. 

Right now the only love I need is the love I have for the world around me and my desire to know it better. What that should really entail is me starting to enhance my directional skills and my conversational Spanish skills, both which I have not been paying too much mind to this winter break so far. My month at home with my family is nearing the end. I do feel I’ve gotten a substantial amount of things done in my short return to the nest but it's still too short of a time!... I could not leave for Spain without turning my bedroom at my parents house inside out to clean it out and fulfill the phrase “Everything must go!”. New year. Fresh start. Out with the old.

It’s going to be a great year. It’s going to start off with spending time with family all over the U.S. Possibly a quick trip back to Peoria and making lists and, of course, checking them twice.

Happy New Year!
Be safe tonight. I know we (Erin, Rachelle, and I) will be doing our best to do the same;P

1/1/2012 12:00:57 pm

I'm commenting!!!! Miss you already, even though you're just across the river! I'm expecting lots of updates on here when you're living the dream in Spain! Also, wrong version of "there" in the first big paragraph. Come on now :)


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