down and a little defeated if I'm being honest. BUT I'm trying to keep those thoughts as aloof as possible.

These are just some thoughts that I wanted to share as early as after my first spring break (beginning of May). While here the words that pretty much epitomized my life here abroad were "new appreciation".
I have a new appreciation, enthusiasm, and inspiration for everything I've already seen and lived in life and what the possibilities exist for the future. For culture, people, places, different things..
Maybe I can't say exactly RIGHT now in this moment since I'm feeling a little out of things BUT because I am here in Spain away and have walked away from everything I know, I have grown, changed, and become better. When I return I need to keep being ambitious and commit to taking myself even further to the next level, this includes academically, physically, emotionally, and in the labor force.

I have one suitcase packed and sitting at about 46-47 lbs. It's Tuesday dinnertime (although no one is in the house yet...), right now I'm going to spend some time going through the STACK of school documents etc. to decide what I should come back home with/what I can go without. In addition to the list of MUSTS before I leave every day I'm constructing lists of daily MUSTS.
Little by little we can achieve lo que sea.

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