I started using one of the Centro de Lenguas Modernas computers to write this blog. Not a smart idea! The computer itself´s capacity to have more than 2 windows open at the same time is seriously disappointing. Gladly, there are 24 computers in here and as long as there´s an open spot and the computer is not locked from Windows, I can just switch. Moving on the the Microsoft Office that I was just ATTEMPTING to use... from 97´! WE ARE IN 2012 hahah that kills me.

Honest, a lot has transpired and I have a lot of ideas to share so YES I will jump, and scatter, and skip, and leap around. Please brace yourself. I´m going to talk about everything from spanish things, to what I´ve been doing to keep up with things in lif in general, and anything as simple as holidays and customs.

Soon (I really mean that) I will be posting a page exclusively for the food I have experienced here. That may not interest some of you but you have to understand that the food alone is a huge part of our experience here in homestays, let alone a huge part of la cultura española. As a required part of our program through Central College, my fellow students and I have the pleasure to dine in the comfort of our own homes(tays) for every meal. Yes, every meal is provided, but the discrepancies and variances of what all is available to each and everyone of us to crazy! Generally you eat breakfast at what time you have to get things done. We all have class, my entire family has school or work so generally they eat around 8 ish or so and I´ll have cereal for breakfast around 9 or so after I´ve ran, showered, gotten ready, and am about to leave for class.

Mi horario de clases
My class schedule:

10:30-12:30 Frances
(Come home for lunch and I have time to run and do what I wish)
5-6:30 Literatura Espanola
7-8 Fonetica
8-9 Granada Seminar
Home for Cena

Generally an early morning, up at 7:15 to run and have adequate time to shower and leave for school at least by 930
10-11:30 Civilizacion & cultura
1-2:30 Produccion Oral & Escrito
(Choosing to get a bocadillo packed for every Tuesday so I don´t have to run back and forth from home!)
4-5 Tutorias
6:30-8 Literatura hispanoamericana
Home for Cena

Earlier morning an option if I have a mtg in the afternoon, which happens sometimes
10:30-12:30 Frances
(Come home for lunch)
5-6:30 Literatura Espanola
7-9 Practica en el sitio de Faisem
(Return home for cena)

10-11:30 Civilizacion y cultura
1-2:30 Proccion oral & escrito
(Come home for a late lunch if I wish, have time to run/exercise in between)
6:30-8 Literatura hispanoamericana

-Most Fridays = no class! [:)]
-Depending on the week I either have M/W classes or T/TH classes
-If I don't volunteer on W night then I come in the afternoon for a bit on Fridays.

The word siesta has once again become a foreign word for me. I don´t have time to! My ´free time´ in between classes is filled up with 25-30 minute walks to and from school (depending on the site where I have class, I have 3), doing homework, using the computer lab, or running and doing workouts.
Of course we try to make time on the weekends to have fun...sometimes a little too much fun:) I know my dad will just LOVE reading that, huh Dad?

Celebrating Holdays – Valentines day!

    Not typical for men to get flowers or for large baskets full of candy for your lovers and friends. If someone is celebrating for the day they may choose to wear red and then in that instance you can wish them a Happy Valentine´s Day but generally Spaniards do not wish one another this salutation normally! And in comparison to us in the United States we live for this day to express our emotions...just check Facebook. Especially on a day like this, Facebook tells all.

    I celebrated with some tapas, amigos, y chupitos. I find that´s the best way to go. Of course I support showing and sharing love too so I gave candy kisses and lollipop hearts to my friends while we shared croquetas, papas fritas, y alas de pollo, and a few friendly games of fooseball.

    What made my Valentine´s Day the most special was the package I discovered had arrived at my school from my parents! So many goodies to enjoy and to share from my family to my host family here in Spain. They were very grateful for the sweet chocolate con mantequilla. Sure, I had to lug all of my treats home carrying that box in my arms for my long walk home but it was just the perfect size. I have a beautiful family!

Speaking of family and el Dia de San Valentin, I also helped my little sister, Paloma, with her English class. She had an exam the next day and wanted my help reviewing! I like spending time with her and especially like helping her. Honestly, I just wish I could always understand her! She talks so fast and with a great accent so sometimes in regular conversations I don´t always know what she´s saying. I definitely need to hang out with her more and get on her level.

More family matters..

I found out that my host father, Antonio, has 2 horses! In a small pueblo located in the Sierra Nevada...can you believe that! I only hope that when they do some more family activities they invite me on them. He told me that when it gets better weather maybe we can all go, I certainly do hope so!

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