(Thank you for not eating me alive for the lack of blog activity, followers.) Date changed to reflect proper timing in Spain:)

A lot of stories are being exchanged within the last 2 weeks and reexchanged now that we're all back from our spring break adventures and excursions. There were people in our group literally traveling all over Europe. Norway. France. Portugal. Brussels. Germany. England. And other cities in Spain too (Ibiza, Barcelona). Some of us relocated to some colder areas of Europe but what was I looking for to make the PERFECT spring break abroad in Spain? The beach!

I've told my adventurous spring break story numerous times this week too and have been itching to write this blog post about it..but I don't know if it will do it justice for 2 reasons. In this current moment I don't feel like typing a novel and second reason being because some  things we can only share again and again with those that were there:)

For probably a month and a half now or so we had our beach getaway booked with DiscoverGranada/DiscoverSevilla in Lagos, Portugal. Since our spring break fell on Semana Santa (we had a spring break of almost a week and a half with classes cancelled because of the #huelageneral #generalstrike in all of Spain). The Lagos trip fell on the very last weekend so I would have the entire week to be free in my beloved city of Granada and enjoy the processions of the holidays and spend time with my family abroad here. It was a very quiet weekend and I spent it mostly with my friend Anna Marie since the majority of our friends were already traveling. The weekend passed tranquilly. The weather started to change in Granada, as it does every year in Semana Santa, as if it's tradition! The processions started on Sunday evening and throughout the week if it's too wet or it's raining they have to cancel the processions otherwise the statues and giant floats can get destroyed because they carry ancient figurines and sculptures of biblical times. Mainly they depict Jesus on/suffering on the cross and the Virgen Mary distraught over her son. The details of the floats are magnificently constructed with the tiniest, distinct shapes, swirls, and curves and the colors are so well preserved. The processions are a great sight to stand among the crowd to see. Every day there's a specific schedule of time where the specific "brotherhood" will be starting, with a specific starting point and destination and time table; it's very organized! Each day the schedule seems to get better and better, namely starting on Thursday. With the processions that start in the gypsy pueblo or the completely silent procession at night.. Imagine hearing only the footsteps of a crowd.

We missed both of those because for Wednesday night at 8 pm we had bought tickets for a night bus to travel to Lisboa, Portugal. On Monday just in time for the atardecer, Anna Marie and I found our way to the Mirador de San Nicolas in Albaicyn to watch the sun fall at the top of our city. Since it was an overcast day like all the rest during Semana Santa, it really wasn't too much of a site to see, unfortunately. BUT there was a reporter and small camera crew interviewing people at this spot and Anna Marie and myself were interviewed. Later on that night while I was eating dinner at home alone I saw Anna Marie's interview on TV!
On Tuesday during the day Anna Marie and I finally made our way to the Sierra Nevada! It wasn't ideal weather but it was what I expected because Marisa, my host mother here, had sent me off with a list of things I should bring with me as well as a handful of warm/wet weather articles of clothing of hers and also my little sisters. I wear a size 37/38 or so size shoe here and she gave me her size 40 hiking/trekking shoes for the trip and I'm very grateful that she had! It cost us only 10 euros Ida y vuelta to travel there to the main ski lodge and we packed sandwiches for lunch and hot chocolate for a snack later. I went with an ear scarf, a hat, a scarf, gloves, my leather/impermeable hooded jacket, an extra warm zip jacket, long sleeves shirt with shirt underneath, extra socks, umbrella, and my athletic puma capris. After hearing that the chances were high that it would probably snow in addition to the rain we'd be experiencing all week, I knew I had to make the executive decision to not bring my Digital Rebel XTi with me. Anna Marie was a little less prepared AND is allergic to the cold, so it worked out in our favor that we had all of the clothing that I brought; we utilized all of them. All in all the trip in the Sierra Nevada was genial although it was cold, snowy, rainy, and we felt stranded at moments. It was a great gateway to spring us into BEACH MODE.

Wednesday night we were scheduled to ‘leave the country’ to our next country of choice at 8pm. We arrived at the station with ample time to await our luxurious trip to our first stop, Lisboa. 

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