Although it's Sunday I wrote this post for yesterday. Enjoy the view:)

We’re about to spend our first full weekend here in Granada. After only 7 days staying with our host families I can definitely say that we’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and trust me, so much has happened!

To recap, we are at the school for class and program meetings at least twice a day for typically a total of 4.5+ hours, not including the extra time that we spend there to use the computers and free access to internet at the CLM center.  Monday we did group excursions to explore the city center and see historical landmarks in Granada. Namely “The Cathedral” and everything having to do with Los reyes catolicos, Isabel y Ferdinand. I wish I was more knowledgeable to share as many facts as 

I learned but to give you a little taste, here are some pictures: and all of the pictures have been posted to Facebook!

Before we began our little hike up to the top of what is also called, Albayzin, Aurelio created a love story. Albayzin el novio and Alhambra la novia. He told us there were three different parts to their love affair. It was a little similar to the love story between Romeo and Juliet, simply Spaniard style. Eventually they would have to (and have the chance to) embrace their love, but only could at the top where they could clearly see (and be with) one another. Literally. The only part that he spoke in English was “Sexy Sexy Boom”. That’s how he described the story in essentially different chapters. We would climb to the top, reaching each of these chapters along the way before we finally reached the climactic ending. To reach the top of Albayzin we were walking on an incline for a trip that he said would only take about 10 minutes. We made it in a lot more because we were stopping every two seconds to take pictures! He didn’t mind too much (I don’t think) and would simply wait for the lot of us.

When we reached the first sexy and the second sexy, you can only imagine our amazement. Each managed to somehow be more marvelous than the first. The second, especially astonishing, made us all eagerly anticipating the view at the very top of the Albayzin. (This picture is from the BOOM! -- the VERY TOP).

We made it to the BOOM and felt like we were on top of the world! It was fascinating not only to see the panoramic view of Granada with the Alhambra in shining in front of us, but also all of the people resting there, painting there, enjoying one another’s company, and playing and listening to music. How often do we get a chance to see literally everything at once?

Now this is living.

I plan to go back, hopefully multiple times! Everything’s always only a walk away. I haven’t been in a car since coming to my new home and the taxi that I took from the GRX airport. I want to come back especially to photograph the sunset from the top. A friend and I, Liasor, talked about coming here to run too. Because of the incline it would be challenging and fun! Atonio (my host father) recommended the same too and suggested a route up similar to what we took on the tour and then coming down on another side that is much steeper but has a view unlike any other.

Wednesday was the Barca-Real Madrid game! We went to a local bar called Fusion Pasion because we were already late for the 10 o’clock start and stayed until the final moments to see if Barca’s second goal would win the game.

Thursday we had our first Intercambios exchange. In my intercambio group I have Courtney, Griffin, Roberto. Our Spanish student’s name is Helena and she’s great! So nice right from the start, easy to get along with, and easy to talk to. After exchanging information, Veronica, our program director took all of us, probably four or five small groups with their Intercambio student, for tapas. So we had a few drinks and experimented with some tapas in the company of our new friend. We will have to plan various meetings throughout the semester together to get to know one another, hang out, and it’s also required. The events include things like tapas, which we completed this week, hiking, and el cine (the movies). It’s going to be nice to have an established core group that I know I’ll have to see during the semester.
Friday was more meetings and our first Friday night in Granada;) We hopped around different Spanish bars and talked with a few foreigners! It was our first LATE night and it was worth the wait. It’s cold at night, which is only a minor inconvenience.

Tonight is our first Saturday night! It’s almost 11pm and I’m almost ready to go. I still need to decide what to wear but I wanted to get this post in! Hasta luego!

katline dejean
23/1/2012 06:30:28 am

Those are beautiful photographs. Everything is "Magnifico" from the architecture to the scenery in the Sexy Boom. Enjoy. Auntie Katline


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