Now THIS is living!

...Or that´s what I would say that at least if with the first prueba tests I had tested into the level I need for my major requirements. The other girls from Bradley University and I tested very similar, into the lenguas y culturas program (levels 5 and 6 on this first exam), when we need to be/were aiming for Estudios Hispanicos.

Right now  you're asking, 5? 6? What does that mean? In order to finish my second major, Spanish, I need to specifically successfully enroll and complete in three courses here in Granada for the semester. Unfortunately, these courses are only offered in the Estudios Hispanicos program (levels 7 8 9 on this first exam). Nobody placed higher than a 7 although some students did fall into the 6+ category, although it didn't exist prior to now.

How do I know how the other students placed? It´s standard for Spanish professors to read out aloud all grades of every student on assignments and exams like this. A lot of the people that placed in the 6 6+ and 7 categories are ones that I feel (we feel) we converse with easily, similarly, more advanced at times. It´s a little discouraging and leads us to speculate...maybe we haven´t been learning like these other students.. But not to worry, again, this is not the official exam AND even our program director says no os procupeis because the official exam we are going to take at the end of our 2 week orientation. We have the opportunities to advance with this final placement as well as make changes to our schedules based on necessity. I need Estudios Hispanicos. I need this challenge. For the next two weeks we will be placed in our designated programs with professors that will be evaluating our skill level as well to determine if changes should be made as well... which makes me happy to hear. I know my grammar´s not perfect and my speech not flawless, but I want this so bad! (Obviously not just for my major, this is for me! I want to successfully become fluent in this language so I can move onto other ones! French first.. and then Creole, which I have a varying working knowledge in already.)

Now THIS is living!
Or maybe I would say that if I didn´t get lost for over an hour trying to make my way back home... On Monday I didn´t go home on the route that my señora gave me so I have not had a chance yet to figure it out! Although it was a beautiful day out, bright and warm, it was not fun trying to manuveur myself around the bending and crossing streets to no avail. Eventually I found some fellow CCA girls who always travel in packs but I was already late for my lunch time with Antonio. We found our way to an area that I knew well and from there I went to have lunch and calm myself. I had some soup for lunch and then upon leaving my apartment for another trip to the CLM, encountered a beautiful specimen in the elevator!

But hey, it happened/happens/and is bound to happen again!

But I'll say it again.. Now THIS is living! -->The view from my apartment in the morning:

Breathtaking. (Ignore the construction) and imagine it at night!

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