What a relief it was when Friday came and we didn't have class! After the Semana Santa and puente that I had it was hard to concentrate for obvious reasons:) There were of course a lot of stories to tell and pictures to share as I have already said. Thank you Facebook and CLM, you are two great instruments for us to update one another on our whereabouts and the changes of our lives. Despite the fact that it would be a rainy weekend in Granada, it would good to be back, good to be home. To have something to do to in the rain, we found the perfect opportunity to go to the movies. We saw the movie Battleship because our beloved Rihanna, singer, was playing in it. The movie and storyline wasn't what we expected but it was full of action and was of course in Spanish which will always increase the appeal.

As we leapt into April, everything seemed to be flying full-speed ahead. I believe it was about the feat week of April, during Semana Santa or just after the Portuguese Paradise was when I finally accepted, and I mean truly accepted the fact that I would be returning to the states. Obviously I would have to return because my return flight had been booked since before I even left for Spain. That didn't matter to me. (It wasn't until 2 weeks or so ago, at the end of April that I was even sure of when that return date was, simply because I refused to look. This also has a lot to do with my neglecting of posting my posts online on this blog! I've had part of my spring break blog post written for weeks now...but then that makes the passing of time so much more real. When I finally realized this week of May when my parents and aunt were visiting me, and that I have LOYAL followers, I realized the big mistake that was. So here I am, catching you up on everything you've missed [and everything I insist on never forgetting!] and I apologize for keeping my adventure secret for the month of April!)

As I was saying, not only were the weeks after the break of Semana Santa seeming like they were flying because of program activities but also because I felt like I had a lot on my plate. In addition to classes, program meetings, and assignments (for literature classes as well as an essay I wrote for a debate on humanitarian intervention, and more), English classes with my student Alberto, I had a lot to plan for the arrival of my family! The "easiest" or better said, most organized thing I knew to construct? A list, of course. If anyone knows me and sees my daily whereabouts they know that I live for constructing and reconstructing lists. This one took slightly a different form of a day by day tentative calendar. But BEFORE their arrival my program had scheduled many activities to keep my mind busy. For the weekend prior, on Friday I had scheduled a classical wind instrument concert after my hair appointment in Barrio Zaidin at Peluqueria Rachelle. This time I went by myself and felt the magnetic force of Avenida de Dilar where it is located. Such an amazing place to shop! So I know already that I'll have to trek my way over again to that area, y todavía tengo que recortar mi pelo. In the concert a program friend, Lyanne, would be playing with a group of university students. She plays the cielo and it was an amazing show! First their were solo artists playing the violins accompanied by a pianist. It was funny because the show was supposed to begin at 8 but because we are on a different time schedule here...Lyanne's set begin a lot later than expected and many of us were very late for dinner with our familias, pero no pasa nada. I had dinner waiting for me. This was also the night that Lyanne, Tayler, Megan, and I (&Colin for part of the way) tried to locate a typical Spanish pub...to no avail. Thanks to Google and the address I was given I brought us through the center, past the center, to the outskirts along the river. I hope I'll make my way to Granero some time soon because me queda poco tiempo..

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