Lo hice! (sin fotos)

My first trip to school:

Este manana, tuvo que caminar a escuela (CLM) solamente yo y mi plano (mi mapo). Estuve un poco confuso una vez o dos, pero lo hice! Llegue a CLM a tiempo y segura, aunque hacia frio y estaban lloviendo.

This morning, (Monday) I had to walk to school (at el Centro de Lenguas Modernas), only me and my map. I was a little confused once or twice, but I did it! I arrived at the CLM on time and saf, although it was cold and raining.

Monday morning began our first official week of orientation, which entails frequent meetings and excursions during the day time and a period of designated class time from 4-7 in the evening. This means frequent trips back and forth from the CLM and our meeting point, cerca de las figuras de reyes católicos en calle reyes católico. Honestly, I was a little nervous because in my previous experience navigating the streets of Madrid I found myself lost very frequently. On my runs through the streets in Granada, thus far, I have been familiarized myself with the twists and turns much better and already feel tenfold more comfortable. Nonetheless, I faltered on my first trip alone to our very first meeting on the 20+ minute walk, and as a result, found myself a little more than anxious.

And when I was most unsure of myself I found comfort in the growing sound of the beats of a familiar song...and the sound of Rihanna´s voice. I passed by one clothing shop and around 10 in the morning, she was finding love in a hopeless place. I passed by another, and Rihanna was already singing a different song to me. I took a deep breath, and carried on.


Cada manana, mi día va a mirar como eso: por dos semanas. Despierto antes de las 9 o algo a si y desayuno sola porque mis padres tienen trabajo y mi hermanita tiene escuela.

Every morning, my day will look like this for 2 weeks. I wake up before 9 or something or something like that and eat breakfast by myself because my parents have work and my little sister has school.

On my first day attending the CLM, I had a rules and compliance meeting with my fellow CCAers, an excursion with Group 1, and then later on, at 4, had to return for the first official-unoffical level test "quiz".

Group 1´s excursion was to the explore the city center, so essentially we were walking from 11:30-2 and then Megan and Brielle and I continued to walk around the city until we had to return for the exam period at 4pm. In between this span of time we consumed churros con chocolates (my first of this trip, finally!) y tambien Brielle compro un teléfono.

Mi familia:

My señoras name is Marisa and my father, Antonio. They are one of the younger couples out of the Granadinas that participate in this foreign exchange program thrrough CCA, so I am very lucky for that alone! My sister´s name is Paloma, and she is 9. Marisa is una profesora for students that have mental disabilities and problems learning and my father is a doctor! Although they are not married, they live together and have had nurmerous CCA study abroad students before me and we all live together. I also have a new pet, named Garfil. Yes, a cat. Basically, what´s mine is his. I´m told he loves las chicas entonces, he comes on my bed and hangs out and sleeps frequently. My half eaten chocolate peanut butter protein bar that I had set on my bed while I was unpacking my suitcases, became his as well. By the time I realized he was licking it...it was already too late. At nighttime for my first night in my brand new room, while I was trying to get under the covers, he had already taken the liberty to make himself more than comfortable so I tried to slip under the half he wasn´t on so as not to disturb him. Sometimes I forget he´s there because I´m not accustomed to having animals in the house:)

The food we´ve been having is very great! A lot of fresh vegetables, always fruit (even ones I had never heard of), and meat so far! And Paloma really likes sweets, which I need to try to stay away from. Unknowingly, I had brought mi familia various types of candy commonly found in the United States along with postcards of Chicago, and I think she really liked that.

When I want to shower I am limited to 5 minutes, which is definitely not something we Americans ever hear. The program requires that we as students are all given 15 minutes tops (a recommended 10 minutes) to do what we need to do. The reason being is that water, along with light (and electricity) can be very costly in Spain so we all have to make sure to be very cautious with usage in our respective homes.

My family seems to be very nice! And again, I will repeat, tengo mucho suerte! Mi familia es joven y, espero (y ya pienso), divertida! Obviously I don´t want to disappoint them in any way or break any of their rules, so... I want to get to know them well as soon as possible. Mi familia no habla ningun ingles! Except for Paloma who is currently taking a few classes. I need to ask her a little more about it though, as well as learn a lot from her.

I have my own bedroom and bathroom! My new home is beautiful and since I am up high on the 7th floor in an apartment it reminds me of a NY/Chitown high-end spot.

To conclude, I am blessed.

I wanted to include pictures in this one but unfortunately have not had the chance to! I haven´t been on my own personal laptop since I arrived on Sunday. I am using the computer center at the CLM before class. Check back for pictures in this post/the next is sure to have some (and is almost ready to be submitted).

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