It's that time! To check things off of my to do list. They suggested that we physically make this list so we can make our "lasts" a reality and not leave with any regrets! It seems like it was almost forever ago that my parents were here but they left just over 2 weeks ago!

Want to keep me accountable?
Here it is. [And we're in finals week SO, there's a lot to get done in addition to this list I've created of priorities :). Three more essays to turn in and three exams left.]

.Federico Garcia Lorca (as much as possible.. without burning and changes 5x shades..)  As always, everyyyyday. Going to try to see how many miles running I can rack up in 4 days! Days 1 & 2 - 10.4 miles
.At least one photo shoot (in the park? with the family?)
.The Last: Churros / the famous tart ice cream from Los Italianos / the not as equivalent, yet still famous schwarma? (if I do I'll go for the cheaper, smaller, and therefore less harmful minirollo (mini schwarma)
.Letras! - to future students / people that need to know how much I've learned, grown, and appreciated from my time here!
.Serrallo Plaza (the new mall!)   
.Tour / workout in YO10 once!
.Haircut? OR Zaidin one last time?
.Run Albaicyn..
.Buy souvenirs and gifts!  ✔  & in the process of finishing up:)
.Finally decide if I want to buy a UGR sweatshirt!
.Successfully ride the bus without confusion ;)    
.Apply for more jobs/find more opportunities for the fall - ALWAYS IN THE PROCESS
.Pack my bags..  One done!
.Get refund for bus card previously purchased!
.Get rid of as much change/exchange as much change as possible! (Today I counted 18.08 euros in change...)
Print it and frame it!
.Goodbyes :/

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