I've been meaning to create this blog since I first started my application process for a study abroad program. The application deadline was October 1! So I'll just briefly visit that time:

Studying abroad for an entire semester has been something I have always wanted to do. As a Division I student-athlete playing volleyball, my time would be limited to pursue this endeavor. Every semester we train, travel, and compete ---until our senior year, spring semester when we become NARKs (non-athletic regular kids).

My search for a suitable program was not an easy one. My first desired option? The beautiful city of Sevilla, a city that I have only dreamed of going to. After visiting Madrid in the summer (May 2011) to study for 2 weeks I had every intention of finding my way back there! Unfortunately, at Bradley there is no directed program to that part of Spain. Next viable option? Back to Sevilla! 

In my current semester at Bradley, I am finishing up my first undergraduate degree in International Studies. In Spain I will need to finish my double major, in Spanish. I have 3 more required courses to take while I am there before successfully complete my second undergrad degree. Unfortunately for me, these three courses weren't guaranteed in the Sevilla program!

Which lead me to my final decision: the city of Granada! In order to get the three class requisites that I need, I have to test into the highest program 'Estudios Hispanicos'....

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