El fin es un nuevo comienzo - Cuando En España..
I've just been itching to blog, so here I am:) For an update on the week and other random thoughts that have been circling around in my mind.

Segunda Rebajas are finally over! Which is hard to fathom..mostly because I which when Rachelle and my parents come they could find the good "deals" I found heheh. I did do a decent amount of shopping I admitted to myself on Monday when Anna Marie, Fatima, and I went to go take advantage of the last day sales. But don't worry, all of it hasn't been for me. There are gifts in there that I can't wait to share:)

Tuesday was our official last day of Puente and it officially is named the "Fiesta de Andalucia". SInce the weather's finally changing, day by day, we knew that we would want to take this first opportunity to enjoy the beach! Upon recommendation we chose the beach Salobrena, only a 45 minute bus ride away (11 euros ida y vuelta). I went with Rob, Fatima, and Anna Marie. The city was beautiful nonetheless with the overcast weather and the sun hiding behind the clouds almost the entire time we were there... We saw more people riding horseback in the streets than I have anywhere in Spain thus far. I was dying to watch the sunset on the beach but we returned before 19h so our friend Rob could get home early. One thing we weren't expecting was the "sand" on the beach, to be all tiny rocks. We probably will return again now that we know how cheap it is and how GREAT it could be given the perfect weather. When I returned to school the next day (we only had 2 days of classes! - Miercoles y Jueves) I heard word of the other beaches people traveled to and the magnificent weather they had... trial and error, I suppose :)

Speaking again specifically of gifts and branching into new beginnings, MARCH is finally here. It's something I'm a little weary to admit because we all prefer that we have more time here and as soon as people start counting down the days and reminding us of the specifics, we get a little antsy. But that's not what I wanted to discuss, yesterday not only marked the beginning of a new chapter BUT my older sister's birthday! Since we're all always away at school I don't usually have the chance to see her on her birthday, because I would normally have practice every day and then other activities throughout the week or competitions on the weekend. This time is very different since we're literally miles and oceans apart. Although we live in a overly tech-crazy world, I'm glad I have some type of instrument to try to express and send my love to her on her special day!

March also apparently means the inter mural sports are starting. Naturally, I signed up for volleyball and formed a team with other people in my CCA program. Only one other girl plays volleyball at the collegiate level, at CC which is DIII, and the rest are just some of our friends:) so it should be fun/interesting! Either way, I just need to finally touch a volleyball again. I honestly haven't even SEEN a volleyball since I've been here. And my plans for the beginning of the summer beg me to reacquaint myself with the sport. (Rachelle and I will be competing in Holland, from invitation, to join the USA Athletes International team for a relatively quick tour.) Jumping to another sport related topic, I don't have details and need to confirm and ask my sister again (Paloma, 9 years old), at dinner the other night, she asked me if I would participate at her school in a carerra. It's a 5k race that they hold annually, some date in April, and she always participates in. Although she says she doesn't finish, she always starts and always tries her best! I'm not sure if it's for a charity or just something to keep the kids active yet and if a lot of other people will be participating too but I of course said that I would do it. It's really interesting though for me because I'm not the "racer" in the family, in regards to literally signing up to do 5k, 10k, triathlons, and all of the above. I run on my own either in the mornings or the afternoons every day that I can, because that's my only option (gym membership fees are too expensive!) in addition to doing other exercises etc. That being said, I don't know if I could say that I would be getting in line to sign up for a race this semester, summer, year/otherwise, so it's cool that I have this to motivate me.

So again, like I said... it's MARCH: I still desire for more opportunities to meet, converse, and exchange with more espanolas y granadinas. I'm seeking more intercambios! I thought I would have done a better job with this by now? Too much english is being spoken in free time, although I am learning and have learned and have improved A LOT; I know I have more to give.

I have a lot of random topics that I want to discuss but this is all for now, It's finally Friday, we have (had) a 3 day weekend and I'm relaxing at home. The forecast called for rain but I'm desperately hoping for otherwise.. at 3:30 I'm meeting with half of my program to FINALLY explore and visit the Alhambra. I can't wait! Expect tons of AMAZING pictures ;P I really pray the rain does not put a damper on this trip, literally. Our last city excursion my group, Group 1, had bad luck and had to do the entire tour in the rain, while the following day, Group 2 had sunshine. La vida es asi.

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