After the Cata de Vino the next morning my intercambio group had scheduled an activity of sederenismo = Hiking! Because I had family plans that day to go to Albaicyn and celebrate the birthday of my host father's mother..for a BBQ! I was excited because the weather was amazing that day, naturally, perfect for a BBQ. I didnt know what to expect for a SPANISH BBQ but knew I didn't want to miss out. This was one of the major events where I felt extremely included in family outings, etc. and it also marked the first time since mid-January that I ridden in a residential vehicle! It was a strange concept to grasp for a bit. Honestly since there were so many older family members there that I took more of the position of listening and learning. It was the first time while abroad this time around that I had been in such a large family setting, to truly see the culture. The pictures were added much earlier to Facebook  and I feel depict well what type of experience I had. We ate, laughed, and drank from 2 on until the sun was about to set. We were so full we didn't need dinner, all we needed were our beds. When we got back home I made sure to thank them over and over to attempt to express how grateful to have been invited to their family celebration. My friend Fatima came back to toman after far travels soo although I was "muerta" I went to one of our favorite spots in Plaza Nueva to meet up with her and another one of our friends from Morocco. Went to bed later than planned but so happy after the culture-filled weekend I had just had. 

The next day, Antonio inivited me to another BBQ..this time, in the Sierra Nevada! Una Babacoa para celebrar el fin de la estacion para Los sanitarios. Had my second ride in a residential car in 2 days! Had to skip a class for this event but I felt it was necessary:) because I was with all of Antonio's work friends I eas very reserved except for a few conversations but I could always escape to the land of the jóvenes. Julia, Antonio's 5 year old daughter had joined us on the trip too, to the snowy Sierra! The kids were adorable, the company was great, and the food was AMAZING. The pinchitos were my absolute favorite! Again, we ate and We ate..and We all ate and drank to make it another long day. Antonio picked me up around 3 and we came back  in the evening again. Too full to eat another meal, too full of culture! ;)

It was a great ride up and down the mountain! Antonio pointed out the house along the way that they call "la casita de Blancanieves", that'd be a fun childhood story!

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