To follow the Spanish 'musical festival' anoche, our program had scheduled for us a Cata de Aceite (April 21). And let me tell you it was extravagante! I'll stop rambling for a little bit and let the large list of things we tried and their descripciones depict the story/speak for themselves!!

1) Three types of olive oil de Granada de Huelva y otro provincia de España 
2) 2 types of Olives from Málaga and Córdoba 
3) Tostada con zumo de tomate - We Were given mini loaves of bread and another platter of mini tomates and a dash of olive oil! Un like bruschetta that we know, we were tasked to just press/rub the tomate against the bread to in a way color the toast. Very delightful!
4) Aguacate with lemon y Basil - amazing! I could eat avocados like this every day! I had never really eaten avocados before. 
5) Queso cabra (covered/soaked in aceite de olivo) y también slices of tomate with aceite de olivo y pimiento..YUM. 

6) Cerdo con pan y 4 different types of pepper olive oil (I know here I specified with bread BUT every mini-course was served with bread. Every table was given a basket of bread and when it was empty, in moments it would be refilled--a blessing and a curse at the same time.) 

7) Lechuga con sal y aceite de olivo (y ya está! Qué genial! So simple but such a great snack, light on the salt.)
8) Little trozos de queso con olive oil
9) Pestiño -dulce con oliva de aceite frita con azúcar ! --I only wish los trozos hubieran sido más grandes xD
10) tostada con aceite de oliva y trozas de chocolate (not as extravagant as the other minibread bowl chocolately sprinkled treat I had in another olive oil tasting but obviously, same effect!)
11) THE FINAL TASTE. Helado chococlate negro con sal y aceite de oliva del sabor naranja (Translation: chocolate ice cream with salt and orange flavored olive oil!)
I don't even like chocolate ice cream all that much but madre mía this was great and the perfect way to end the olive oil tasting! Luckily for me I had just finished a workout prior to arriving haha. 

Also a very monumental moment for us on Friday was the return dof Veronica our director to Spain! After her month time in Pella, Iowa we missed her a lot! Many of us maintaoned contact with her through emails for questions or simply just to chat, myself included. 

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